The new Russian series "The Boy's Word", which promotes banditry and child cruelty, continues to gain popularity among Ukrainian teenagers, which greatly outrages the majority of the population.

Why this series is so "suitable" for young Ukrainians, psychologist Yulia Sviatenko explained on the air of Kyiv 24.

"Very often, what people see on TV is a certain example for them. Imitation of some kind of stardom, some subculture. We see that when a certain film is released, the same small children imitate these characters and the same teenagers," the psychologist notes.

She notes that adolescents at this age tend to show rejection of others, certain aggressive behavior, not to accept what adults tell them, to be self-reliant and independent.

"Teenagers want to have some authority... Let's remember our childhood, our adolescence... At this age, who were our authorities? Those who exercised strength, those who could lead the class. For example, the student who offered to skip classes and everyone followed him. It is only later, when we have begun to grow up, that we already understand certain social norms, what is good and what is bad.

And that's why, when a movie comes out on television, teenagers don't turn on the analysis, critical thinking is good or bad... They see the ratings, they see this image that others follow, and they want to emulate it. Because this image shows a certain process to society and thus attracts the attention of teenagers. Of course, this behavior, this imitation can have negative consequences," Yulia Sviatenko summed up.

Recall that the Ministry of Culture issued a statement on the inadmissibility of the distribution of the new scandalous Russian series "The Boy's Word" among Ukrainian youth.

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