People should never stop thinking: CJI


Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud on Saturday urged citizens to have the patience to listen to others, saying putting an end to the "habit of listening to what we want to hear" provides us an opportunity to develop a new understanding of the world around us. Chief Justice of India (CJI) Chandrachud was speaking at the 20th convocation of Symbiosis International (Deemed) University in Pune. "The power to listen to others is essential in every walk of life. It is highly pleasant to provide that space to others. The problem with our society is that we are not listening to others... We are only listening to ourselves," he said.

The CJI said having the patience to listen makes one accept that he may not have all the right answers, but he is willing to explore and find them. He also said that putting an end to the habit of "listening to what we want to hear" provides us with an opportunity to develop a new understanding of the world around us.

"Life has a unique way of teaching us. Make humility, courage and honesty your companions in this journey.

CJI Chandrachud said contrary to common misconception, power is not demonstrated by anger or violence or being disrespectful to the person in one's personal space and professional life.

"People's true intelligence and strength lies in their ability to withstand the many adversities of life and to continue to humanize those around them with humility and grace," he said.

He said that most people are striving for a prosperous life and there is nothing wrong in it, the process should be value-based and there should be no compromise on principles and values.

CJI Chandrachud said, "Success is measured not only by popularity, but also by commitment to a higher purpose. People should be kind to themselves and not their own existence," he said.

The CJI said people of his generation were taught not to ask too many questions when they were younger, but now this has changed and the youth are no longer afraid to ask questions and quiet their intuition.

The CJI said he recently saw an Instagram reel in which a young woman is seen expressing concern over the poor condition of roads in her residential area.

"As soon as I saw that reel, my mind went back to 1848 when the first girls' school was opened here in Pune. The credit goes to Savitribai Phule who encouraged education despite violent patriarchal tendencies. When Savitribai Phule went to school, she would carry an extra saree because villagers would throw garbage at her."

He said that people should never stop thinking. He said they should have the ability to listen to others and have the humility to accept what they are right or wrong about.

"A judge learns the most from litigants' woes, a doctor learns the most from his own experience, a parent learns the most by listening to their children's complaints, a teacher learns the most from the questions of the students and you (students) will learn the most from people asking you questions when you grow up in life," he said.

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