The division of the Supreme Judicial Council, which is enshrined in the constitutional amendments voted at first reading in Parliament, is within the competence of the Grand National Assembly under the established practice of the Constitutional Court. This is unconstitutional for us and will have very serious consequences for affecting the rule of law. This was stated in "Speak Now" on BNT by the Chairman of the Association of Prosecutors – Vladimir Nikolov.

"We will not have a single judiciary, it will fragment. With regard to the prosecutorial part, the so-called Prosecutorial Council, which is not even high, will be severely unbalanced and there will be no professional representation there, "Nikolov said.

"We are not against reform and we have no problem being controlled. However, this will be harmful to people, because the authorities are divided into two types - political and legal. The judiciary belongs to the legal one. And when part of the political authorities enter this area so seriously, we will have a merger of political authorities. There has to be a balance. The prosecution must be accountable and open, but at the same time it must govern itself," he added.

Judge Miroslava Todorova: The prosecutor's power has a strong potential to be repressive

Vladimir Nikolov recalled that the Venice Commission emphasizes in several opinions that a substantial part of this council should be elected by the professional estates.

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