Damascus – Sputnik. The Syrian Foreign Ministry explained that "the American step not only reflects that the United States supports Israel, but also fully supports Israel." The Syrian Foreign Ministry published a statement on its website, in which it said: The Syrian Foreign Ministry stressed that "the use of the American veto indicates for the umpteenth time that the United States is not only a partner in this massacre, but it is fighting the war in Gaza, with full complicity with its Zionist protégé with the sole purpose of annihilating the Palestinian people and establishing a Greater Israel on the remains of children and women." The Syrian Foreign Ministry affirmed, in its statement, that "Syria confirms its conviction that the support of Western countries and the United States, for Israel, especially the lip service of many of them with the so-called Israeli right to self-defense, is the height of hypocrisy, and that this recipe can only be translated on the ground as permission for Israel to continue its massacre and killing of the Palestinians." On the morning of December 1, the Israeli army announced the resumption of hostilities against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, against the backdrop of intercepting a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip, which Israel considered a violation of the temporary humanitarian truce and a cessation of hostilities against the Strip. The declared truce between Israel and the Palestinian armed factions, which lasted for seven days, ended at 7:00 am on Friday, December 1, during which hundreds of detainees and prisoners were released between the two sides.