Ukrainian authorities continued their campaign to remove Soviet-era monuments with the removal of a statue of Red Army commander Mykola Shchors from a boulevard in the capital, Reuters reported.

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Against the backdrop of the Russian invasion that began nearly two years ago, Ukraine is redoubling its efforts to erase all traces of Russian rule.

Municipal workers in Kiev carefully separated from its pedestal the rough statue of Mykola Shchors, a Soviet field commander during the Russian civil war. Passers-by stopped and filmed a giant crane shifting and placing on a platform in a truck the statue of Shchors on horseback.

Authorities in Kyiv have begun dismantling a statue of Red Army commander Mykola Shchors. Shchors was a Ukrainian communist who fought with the Soviet Red Army during the Ukrainian War of Independence following the 1917 Russian Revolution.

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The removal (of the monument) is the right step, said municipal councilor Leonid Emets, who announced that the statue would be moved to a museum.

Ukraine replaced the sickle and hammer from the monument "Motherland" with the trident from its coat of arms

Last year, authorities in the Ukrainian Black Sea city of Odessa removed the statue of Catherine the Great after a campaign by activists that lasted several months.

Thousands of Ukrainian streets and villages have also changed their names in recent years as part of a decommunization campaign launched after the 2014 Maidan revolution toppled pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych.

In Kyiv, a monument to Mykola Shchors, one of the military leaders of the Bolsheviks during the Soviet-Ukrainian war, was dismantled.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine