"Our goal is to continue to pursue a policy of no sanctions against Russia, and the absolute starting point from start to finish is our military neutrality. Vujevic rejected accusations that Serbia is trying to sit on two chairs in foreign policy, saying: "Serbian policy is not to sit on several chairs, but to sit on one Serbian chair only. Yes, we are moving towards the European Union, but we will not abandon cooperation with the People's Republic of China, Russia, India, African countries or South America.On Tuesday, Russia and Iran were held responsible for compensating the economic damage caused by the sanctions to the countries that imposed them.A bilateral statement published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry read: "In the case of economic or financial damage caused by unilateral coercive measures, states that cause by their actions or application of their national laws outside The document also states that public and private property and assets, including bank accounts, bonds, real estate, consular and diplomatic buildings and facilities, enjoy immunity and are not subject to freezing, seizure, confiscation or any other form of restriction resulting from the implementation by any authority of unilateral coercive measures.