Most likely, the traitor Ilya Kyva did not even know that he was really being watched, and did not take the Security Service of Ukraine seriously enough.

This was stated by political analyst, editor-in-chief of the After Empire portal Olga Kurnosova on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

"Everyone is already a little uncomfortable. I think he had no idea at all, even though he said he was being watched. However, he still went to the nearest forest to record his videos and, in general, probably did not take the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) seriously enough. If I were him, I would think seriously, because at school they taught in books that partisans who destroy collaborators are doing the right thing. Therefore, as they say, a dog is a dog's death," she said.

Kurnosova noted that, most likely, the security of collaborators who moved to Russia is insufficient. For example, the same ex-People's Deputy of Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk.

"After all, Kyva was much more active in terms of media, he performed pirouettes in all propaganda shows, which is why he was quite noticeable. But you can't put a guard on every Kiva. However, he had some kind of bodyguard, but Kiva was not old enough to be guarded by the FSO. Kiva was nobody. But, on the other hand, of course, there are people of lower rank, they are supervised by the police. Consequently, it was inconvenient for the police to keep an eye on Kiva. That's how it turned out that I ran, ran and ran," the analyst suggested.

Kurnosova stressed that no one who participates in the criminal war against the Ukrainian people should feel safe.

"He still lived in some more or less closed village, where the perimeter was somehow guarded. It is clear that he is not Putin to provide him with something like that. Therefore, in my opinion, the Russian special services underestimate the capabilities of the Ukrainian special services on Russian territory. That is why there are so many such events that are unexpected for them. And if we recall the story of the Severomui tunnel, this is an even more powerful operation than the liquidation of Kiva, in my opinion," Olha Kurnosova summed up.

On the evening of 6 December, Russian propagandists reported that Ukrainian former MP Ilya Kyva had been found deadin the Moscow region. Later, Ukrainian intelligence confirmed the death of the traitor.

TSN sources reported that the Security Service of Ukraine was behind the murder of Kiva. We are talking about a special operation.

Earlier, loud details were reported where the traitor to Ukraine Ilya Kyva was killed and about his "prophetic" post.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link: KIVA WAS KILLED IN THE FOREST! The ex-MP's roommate shocked with a confession!

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