"The U.S. State Department has approved a possible foreign military sale of M830A1 120mm tank shells and related equipment worth an estimated $106.5 million to the Government of Israel," the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a statement.The statement said in a statement.The Israeli government had placed an order for 13,13 missiles of the aforementioned type.On Friday, the United Nations Security Council failed to adopt the draft resolution, which received the support of 7 council members and abstentions. One member abstained from voting, Britain, while the United States of America used its veto. Hamas blamed the international community, led by the United States of America, for the continuation of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.The declared truce between Israel and the Palestinian armed factions, which lasted for seven days, ended at 00:1 am on Friday, December <>, during which hundreds of detainees and prisoners were released between the two sides.