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(CNN Español) – The countdown to the inauguration of Javier Milei as president of Argentina on December 10 continues to advance. Outgoing President Alberto Fernandez will hand over power to the libertarian in an inauguration ceremony to be held in the national Congress.

Milei posted an image of the inauguration on his X account, calling on Argentines to attend this Sunday in the vicinity of Congress with the country's flag. The post was accompanied by the caption "Long live fucking freedom."

LONG LIVE FUCKING FREEDOM pic.twitter.com/IMKaqf3bz2

— Javier Milei (@JMilei) December 5, 2023


What is the ceremony like?

The leader of La Libertad Avanza will lead the event along with his running mate, Victoria Villarruel. Former Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie worked with the Fernández administration on the development of the Inauguration Day program.

According to Article 93 of the National Constitution, "upon taking office, the President and the Vice-President shall take an oath, in the hands of the President of the Senate and before the Congress assembled in the Assembly, respecting their religious beliefs: to carry out with loyalty and patriotism the office of President (or Vice-President) of the Argentine Nation".

On this occasion, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner will be in charge of presiding over the swearing-in ceremony in the parliament of the Legislative Assembly in her role as vice president of the Senate.

Article 141 of the document states that "in the portico of the Government House (esplanade on Rivadavia Street), the president will be received by the head of the Military House, the director of ceremonial and an aide-de-camp of the outgoing president, who will accompany him to the White Hall (a dais that will be located in front of the Bust of the Republic)."

Afterwards, the outgoing president presents his successor with the presidential insignia (baton of command and presidential sash) that are placed on the table on the dais, according to Article 142.

Fernandez will bid farewell to Milei and leave the White Room along with his former ministers. He will be escorted to the portico of the Government House by the head of the incoming Military House, the director of ceremonial and an aide-de-camp to the president.

Once this act is completed, Milei will have the ministers of his cabinet sworn in to perform their corresponding functions before the Chief Government Notary.

Milei will not deliver any speeches to lawmakers, but will do so on the steps of the building in front of supporters. Once the ceremony at the Congress concludes, Milei will travel to the Government House in a convertible through Avenida de Mayo, according to the Telam news agency.

What time is the inauguration and how to watch live?

The presidential inauguration will begin at 11 a.m. local time (1 p.m. Miami time). The ceremony can be seen live on all the broadcast television channels that cover the event.

It will be available online from the official YouTube channel of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina.

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