In Transcarpathia, a new scandal broke out with the TCC – there, an employee of the Mukachevo military registration and enlistment office, in a state of drug intoxication, tried to stab a man from his former civilian job.

This was reported on Telegram by local journalist Vitaliy Hlahola.

"I was sent a video recording of the following situation: a man in military uniform is lying on the ground, facing the ground, and a man is sitting on top of him.

What is known about the incident

According to a Facebook user under the nickname "Vova Goblak", an employee of the Mukachevo TCC and SP, being in a state of drug intoxication, brandished a knife in front of him, but was detained.

Later, Hlahola found out that the serviceman and the person who was attacked had previously worked together in civilian work. But he was fired due to drug use.

Passing by his past job, an employee of the TCC in a state of drug intoxication decided to avenge his dismissal.

"When he came to work, he tried to stab Mr. Volodymyr, but, fortunately, he failed. Criminal proceedings have been opened against this serviceman, but the question arises as to how this serviceman received a narcologist certificate," said Vitaliy Hlahola.

The Zakarpattia Regional TCC has not yet responded to the incident.

Recall that on December 5, TCC employees handed out summonses in the gym in Uzhgorod. On December 6, military commissars conducted a similar raid in the "gyms" of Khust and Mukachevo.

The next day, employees of the TCC in Transcarpathia staged a raid in the health and recreation complex "Kosyno". The Network claims that the actions of the TCC in the sanatorium were accompanied by swearing, pushing and threats from law enforcement officers, in particular, towards women.

In turn, the Zakarpattia Regional TCC and SP commented on raids with summonses in the health and recreational complex "Kosyno" and gyms of the region.

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