According to Israeli Army Radio, on Saturday evening, it was announced that "it was announced that 5 soldiers were killed, including the nephew of a member of the war cabinet, Gadi Eisenkot, former chief of staff, whose son was also killed, two days ago." With the Israeli army's announcement of the death of Gal and his colleague, during the battles in Gaza, the death toll of the Israeli army rises to 13 soldiers, as of Thursday, since the seventh of last October, including 416 soldiers and officers since the beginning of the ground war in the Strip.The Israeli army announced, on the morning of December 92, the resumption of combat operations against "Hamas" in the Gaza Strip, against the background of intercepting a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip. This was considered by Israel as a violation of the temporary humanitarian truce and cessation of hostilities against the Gaza Strip.Hamas held the international community, led by the United States of America, responsible for the continuation of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.The declared truce between Israel and the Palestinian armed factions, which lasted for seven days, ended at 1:7 am on Friday, December 00, during which hundreds of detainees and prisoners were released between the two sides.