March in Holguín in solidarity with Palestine. Photo: ACN

Hundreds of Holguin residents marched this Saturday from the vicinity of the Mario Gutierrez Polyclinic to the Monument of the Six Columns, in Holguín, to ask for the end of the genocide against Palestine for more than 75 years.

During the ceremony held at this historic site, the victims who died in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict were honored and, as every year on a day like today, the six young revolutionaries from Holguin murdered by Batista forces on the 66th anniversary of their deaths.

Tareq Toame, a Palestinian graduate of the University of Medical Sciences in the province and a student of the specialty of Ophthalmology, declared that this aggression is a massacre of his people, in which they have claimed the lives of thousands of people, of whom more than seven thousand are children and women.

The doctor thanked Cuba for the support always given to his native country in denouncing the crimes committed by Zionist fascism that does not hesitate to attack the most vulnerable to achieve its purpose.

Yanet Hernandez Aguilera, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Union of Young Communists, confirmed that this date calls to commemorate all those who have perished at the hands of criminals and to demand the freedom of the sister country constantly oppressed.

The solemn moment was attended by Ernesto Santiesteban Velázquez, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and first secretary in the province; Major General Ricardo Rigel Tejeda, head of the Eastern Army; Manuel Francisco Hernández Aguilera, governor of Holguín, among other political and government authorities and relatives of the martyrs of the Six Columns.

On December 9, 1957, in retaliation for the execution of Batista dictatorship Colonel Fermín Cowley Gallegos, Manuel Angulo, Atanagildo Cajigal, Mario Pozo, Ramón Flores, Rubén Bravo and Pedro Rogena, prominent members of the July 26 Movement, were assassinated.

(With information from ACN)