Ukraine's accession to the European Union will take longer than most people think. In addition, the Western European press is increasingly writing that the EU "goes very far with Ukraine."

This opinion was expressed in an interview with Glavkom by Pierre Mirel, former Director for the Western Balkans at the European Commission and an expert on enlargement.

"Providing it (Ukraine - Ed.) no one disputed the candidate's status, because abandoning it last year would have meant a victory for Putin. But the start of negotiations is a different process," he stressed.

The politician notes that by granting candidate status and opening accession negotiations now, the EU would create a lot of expectations in Ukraine.

"By giving people the feeling that once an important decision is made every year, admission should only last a short period of time. Well, I'm afraid it's going to take a longer period of time than most people think. And, unfortunately, this can cause frustration and enlargement fatigue in Ukrainian society, as has already happened with the Western Balkans," Mirel explains.

The politician expressed the opinion that people in the Balkans suspect that the EU, for political reasons, looks at the Western Balkans through a magnifying glass, and at the Ukraine through rose-colored glasses.

Mirel believes that the European Union should be ready for enlargement. However, "not so much in the context of Ukraine as in the Western Balkans, because they have been waiting for 20 long years." According to him, the only country that is best prepared to join is Montenegro.

To recap, President Volodymyr Zelensky made an important statement regarding the negotiations for joining the EU. In particular, the Head of State emphasizes that Ukraine fulfills all obligations, and this has been repeatedly proven.

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