Baghdad – Sputnik. Al-Rikabi said, in a statement to "Sputnik", that "the Iraqi government is committed to protecting diplomatic missions and the headquarters of the international coalition in the country, and there are measures that will be taken in this regard, part of which will be intelligence and another part will be security applied in the field, and we will see follow-up, prosecution and arrest of anyone proven to be involved in these acts from any side." "The government statement was clear regarding the phone call that took place between the Prime Minister and the US Secretary of Defense," pointing out that "the call focused on confirming the partnership between Iraq and America, and talking about the need to impose protection for international and diplomatic missions and prosecute those responsible for targeting the US embassy in Baghdad." "Sudani, during a phone call with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, discussed bilateral cooperation relations in the security fields, and ways to develop them between the two countries to face various challenges," according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).Al-Sudani warned, from a direct response to the targeting of the US embassy in Baghdad, without the consent of the Iraqi government, stressing "the government's commitment to protect diplomatic missions and workers within the international coalition mission and facilities." For his part, US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, welcomed "the position of the Iraqi government, and its condemnation of the attacks that targeted The US embassy in Iraq, and its procedures to pursue the perpetrators," stressing that "such acts threaten the internal security of Iraq," according to the agency "CONSCIOUS".Iraqi media announced, earlier on Friday, that the headquarters of the US embassy, located inside the Green Zone in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, was bombed with several missiles.An Iraqi security source told the agency "Sputnik", that "the missiles that targeted the US embassy inside the fortified Green Zone in the center of the capital, Baghdad, at dawn on Friday, fell in the vicinity of The Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemned, on Friday, the attack that targeted the US embassy inside the Green Zone in central Baghdad.The ministry's spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said in a statement: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its rejection and condemnation of the attacks on the US embassy in Baghdad by uncontrolled groups, and in this regard, we renew our keenness to adhere to the sanctity of diplomatic missions and the need not to endanger their security."