Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prudius, better known as KOLA, showed what tattoo the 64-year-old mother got.

In her photo blog, the artist admitted that her dearest person in adulthood decided on a rather voluminous tattoo. Nastya's mother chose her hand for him. In a rather prominent place, it now has the inscription "My frequency is 528 Hz".

Obviously, the artist's mother gave a lot of meaning to the new tattoo. Because according to some specialists, fluctuations with this frequency have a very good effect on the body. In particular, in spiritual practices, it promotes rejuvenation, purity of thinking, the development of talent, restores energy and enhances intuition. 528Hz is also referred to as the "love frequency".

The actress was surprised by her mother's decision. However, it was Nastya who helped her find a tattoo artist. By the way, they were assisted in this by the producer of the projects "Voice of the Country" and "Dancing with the Stars" Volodymyr Zavadyuk.

Recall that recently the singer from the band "KAZKA" impressed with her tattoo on half of her back. Soloist Oleksandra Zaritska spent 5 hours in a tattoo parlor to keep a color image with special meanings for herself for the rest of her life.