Polish carriers continue to blockade the border with Ukraine. Their main demand is to abolish the transport visa-free regime for Ukrainian trucks. However, the European Commission has already stated that it will not return limited permits to enter Europe.

This is stated in the story of correspondent Marichka Kuzhyk.

What's happening at the border

Ukrainian drivers have not been able to return home for weeks due to the blockade. Thousands of trucks are parked along the highways in the field, because they have no right to stand in the city. There are no living conditions here, food is delivered by volunteers.

There are also trucks in the parking lot in the direction of the Korczova-Krakivets checkpoint. There is a toilet and you can take a shower. But food supplies are also running out and fuel is scarce. Drivers who still have a full tank share with colleagues. You have to stand in line for a week or two. Even those who carry perishable goods or humanitarian aid.

Polish protesters speak Russian

Polish protesters, while talking to TSN, say that this is allegedly not true. At the same time, the Pole communicates in Russian and says that he is not a carrier, but a logistician in a transport company. And he explains how he knows the language of the occupiers.

"We had a good teacher of the Russian language, so I learned it," says the Pole.

Polish picketers do not want to talk more on camera.

Border blockade / Photo: Facebook / Vasyl Zvarych

"Ukrzaliznytsia" offered a way out

Protesters demand the abolition of transport visa-free travel for Ukrainian trucks. It has not yet been possible to reach an agreement with them. Therefore, Ukrzaliznytsia offered a way out - it launched a train platform for transporting heavy trucks. Carriers say it's costly, but still an alternative.

"Now, taking into account the blockade, cars stand for 15 days on departure and for 10 days on return, so of course this is a very good alternative. Not only in the high price mode, but in the mode that goods can be exported on time and fulfill their contracts, because if they are not on time, you can get more penalties or the goods may deteriorate," says Oleksandr Kyrylyuk, head of the international road transport department of the group of logistics companies.

While trucks are transported across the border by train, drivers cross it by buses. During the blockade, the Ukrainian budget lost about 10 billion hryvnias. A strike on the Ukrainian-Polish border is allowed until January.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link: TSN News 22:00 for December 8, 2023 | News of Ukraine

To recap, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are experiencing a shortage of supplies at the front due to the blockade of the border in Poland.