The granddaughter of singer Sofia Rotaru, model Sonya Evdokimenko, posed in winter New York in a shimmering T-shirt.

Yevdokymenko has been living in America for a long time and is building a career there. So, in her photo blog, she stirred the imagination of fans with new spicy shots. Rotaru's granddaughter walked through the winter metropolis. For the look, she chose a gold T-shirt with a large neckline with narrow straps and white pants. The girl wore a fur coat on top. However, subscribers have not been able to get an answer as to whether it is made of natural fur. Her look was complemented by sunglasses.

Sonya Yevdokymenko / Photo:

"Magical morning," Sonya wrote under the post.

In the comments, users have already left hundreds of emoticons expressing delight. And they added that the model has incredible beauty.

Sonya Yevdokymenko / Photo:

Recall that Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru also has another grandson, musician Anatoly Yevdokimenko. Rumor has it that the star grandmother helped him illegally leave Ukraine and continues to sponsor him. Instead, he is actively developing his musical career abroad and does not mention his homeland in his interviews.