The sit-in was scheduled to take place in front of the French embassy in Beirut, and the organizers obtained a license from the Lebanese Ministry of Interior, but the Lebanese army prevented the participants from standing in front of the embassy.Nisreen Shams al-Din, one of the organizers of the vigil, said: "We are a group of mothers who decided to do this silent vigil so that everyone hears the voices of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, and because we cannot remain silent while the world watches the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation." The names of the victims and shrouds stained with blood, as they raised through loudspeakers recordings of screams from Gaza.The organization, Dania Dandashli, said that "our action today is a condemnation of direct Western participation in the killing of our children in Gaza, and we decided to move in front of the French embassy, because we consider that France is directly involved in the killing and destruction in Gaza, and when we arrived we put the models of coffins in front of the embassy and the Lebanese army asked us to remove them, we stayed about ten minutes and then decided to move towards the museum in order to preserve the feelings of the colonizer languishing in Dandashli continued, saying: "The message today is that Gaza, its children, women, elders and men are being exterminated, while the world is watching and participating in the genocide, we raise the voice because silence is complicity and we will not be silent and the talk will not be in the face of the Zionist killing machine, but in the face of the West, which claims to preserve human rights and is a direct contributor to the killing of our children in Gaza."