You attend an inspection of the readiness of the entire installation by the Bulgarian side. We are ready to press the button and want to congratulate those who built it and to recognize that Bulgaria has better opportunities now. Nikolay Denkov is caretaker Minister of Education and Science in the cabinet of Ognyan Gerdzhikov. In front of the media.

Prime Minister and Energy Minister Rumen Radev inspected the facilities along the Bulgaria-Serbia gas interconnector.

He stressed that in Bulgaria this connection made it possible to gasify two cities – Slivnitsa and Dragoman, and also the interconnector makes it possible, if there is a crisis from those we have at the moment, to receive gas from a westerly direction. This gives variety and opportunities. "What the Bulgaria-Serbia interconnector is doing is mainly to help Serbia feel at ease that if something happens with regard to South Stream, it has an alternative. Remember what happened last year with us. They can buy liquefied gas from other sources, this provides alternatives."

"With the projects supported by the EC, we are currently proving to be much better connected than what we had just a few years ago. The interconnector with Greece, now this one. All this development over the past two or three years shows that we are in a much better situation now than before."

On developments on the derogation, he said: "What we have always put into these discussions are arguments and reason. I'm glad they found their place. As I have already said several times, it is good for each institution to look at its main tasks. Indeed, in the National Assembly the main tasks are the constitution, the budget, the anti-corruption law, the regulators. Secondly, we need to work in coordination with them. It is not acceptable for the National Assembly to make decisions that have not been discussed with us, and we have to implement them."

Borissov: We are introducing an interim version of the derogation that satisfies both sides

Asked whether the refinery in Burgas is for sale, the Prime Minister stressed: "The only one who can give official information is Lukoil. Apparently, they started such a process. They will be looking for authoritative international consultants in this serious deal. Who will buy depends on the buyers who appear. The deal will not stress the fuel market, but attempts to stress the operation of the refinery, as a derogation for three days, certainly stress the market."

Regarding the Bulgarian tax on the transit of natural gas from Russia, the Prime Minister said: "This fee will not be required by either Serbia or Hungary, there is nothing to worry about. Another issue is that the situation can be used for their internal problems to solve. Regarding the consultations with the Commission – they continue, if necessary, it may be necessary to refine the wording. This process continues, but there is nothing worrying for both sides. The money we are talking about will not be paid by Bulgartransgaz, but whether the Russians will give it – remains to be seen."

He also commented on the vote on the constitutional amendments in parliament: "I am used to giving good ideas in science, and sometimes it takes time for their adoption to develop. I am deeply convinced that May 24 should be the holiday of Bulgarians, I hope that this will be realized and accepted. If not now, then after a while."

On the occasion of the Pirogov scandal, Denkov said that if it turns out that it was acted unlawfully in the health facility, then the Minister of Health has done his job. "I sent a letter to the minister that checks should be made on all major hospitals and the approach should be the same for everyone. The main arguments of Minister Hristo HinkovProf. Hristo Hinkov was born on March 25, 1953 in Sofia. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister of Violations in the Public Procurement Act. Arbitrators must be the competent institutions - these are PFIA and the Prosecutor's Office. When they give their opinion on who is right and who is wrong, then we will know what the picture is."

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