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The battle for a democratic state of law is a constant effort. Our task is to make changes in the foundation, in the way the judiciary works, said in an interview with Panorama Nikola MinchevNikola Minchev was born on 13.09.1987, a lawyer by education. His field of work as a lawyer is from PP-DB.

According to him, there is no retreat from the main goal - reform of the judiciary, guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary and accountability of the prosecution.

Peevski: We will probably end the Constitution by Christmas

"With no proposed change have we tried to gain anything for ourselves. These are topics that are ready for discussion. We presented the idea of the national holiday, believing that May 24 is a unifying date in Bulgarian society. Within the discussion it was seen that this did not have enough support to be adopted definitively. This has never been the focus of the constitutional changes, although it caught attention, "Minchev said.

Prof. Kirov on amendments to the Constitution: Miracles happen at Christmas

He explained that the amendments to the Constitution should gradually yield results and justice should be felt closer to the citizens: to be timely and fair. "Quality regulation can never be an effort in vain," he said.

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