Vasyl Maliuk, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, spoke about the liquidation of the rear control point of the Russians in Polissia. This event took place in March 2022. At that time, our special services made a significant contribution to the liberation of the Kyiv region from the Russian invaders.

Details of the operation are presented in the film "Lair of the Enemy. Liquidation" from the documentary series "SBU. Special Operations of Victory".

"It was a daring operation. In fact, a few kilometers from the enemy's positions, the guys were preparing positions for the work of our artillery," Maliuk emphasized.

According to Maliuk, this was the first sabotage work with the use of artillery forces, which contributed to the defense of Kyiv oblast.

"There was a long distance between our positions, inaccessible to the work of artillery," said Lieutenant Colonel "Raccoon" from the military intelligence of the SBU.

Provocative idea

Brigadier General "Hunter" recalled: "They knew we couldn't get them with anything. Russian electronic warfare systems were very strong in that area, and no communication worked there at all..."

He added that there was a plan to pull the towed 152-mm howitzers to a point in the gray zone, from which it would be possible to carry out artillery shelling of the rear control post, adjust this artillery with the help of the Stork UAV and transmit this information, this video stream using Starlink.

Brigadier General, Chief of Staff of the West Operational Command Volodymyr Horbatiuk says that this idea was quite provocative: "My artillerymen did not like it, because it was an unconventional and non-standard use of artillery forces and means... According to all governing documents, general support artillery is used no closer than 5 kilometres to the front line."

Details of the special operation

World history has not yet known that heavy 152-millimeter artillery conducted sabotage raids, this is not their function, Hunter noted.

"We had to go to an open field in the middle of the forest, turn around the battery, conduct an artillery raid on their rear control post, and if at least one of their helicopters appeared in the sky, it could mean the end for us, so we risked a lot... We had no other way to destroy this rear control post, because we had information that the Russians had found workarounds... We needed to act very quickly and energetically," he said.

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"Raccoon" says that the fire strike was planned for 8 a.m. on March 16.

"When the artillery battery arrived at the scene, I saw this senior lieutenant and said 'come here, boy.' I explained to him that we would hit the rear control post near Poliske, this is the army headquarters," Hunter said.

The commander of the artillery battery of the "West" Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "Ares" recalls: "We stand in an open field with three guns — this is also a fat target for the enemy. Three guns are 18 people."

"The first plan, which we quickly adopted: we ship 20-30 shells, within 20 minutes they do the adjustment and then there is a complete shooting... After 20 minutes of work, they quickly roll up and take the other way out of the place... The first shell hit somewhere a few tens of meters from the perimeter of the rear control post... And the second, the third, everyone else hit the target," Hunter commented.

The Scariest Moment

Ares added: "After we had already started shooting at the target, opened fire, after 5 minutes we heard enemy helicopters and this was probably the scariest moment, because we thought that they were looking for us... We started working further."

"They just started disassembling the Russians into atoms," says "Raccoon".

The very first hits led to the fact that everything around the rear control post was on fire, burning and there were explosions, says "Hunter": "One of our shells hit the warehouse, it was probably stored rockets for "Grads". From the footage that we saw from "Stork", such a beautiful "Armagedian" began there... Up to 20 additional shells were fired."

It was spectacular and effective, it was nice to see my work, that it brought such a result, Ares shares.

For two more days, shells exploded there and a fire raged in that place, Hunter shares.

"48 units of equipment, several armored vehicles, command post vehicles and more than 45 vehicles loaded with ammunition were hit (what we counted after that)," Horbatiuk said.

And most of the people who were in those buildings probably died or burned alive, Hunter summed up.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link: The film "Lair of the Enemy. Liquidation": for the first time, the SSU revealed the truth about how the enemy planned to seize Kyiv

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