The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has lifted the curtain on a special operation to destroy the Russian rear command post in Polissia in March 2022. A unique sabotage operation with the use of heavy artillery was a significant contribution of the Security Service of Ukraine to the liberation of Kyiv region from the occupiers.

Details of the operation are presented in the film "Lair of the Enemy. Liquidation" from the documentary series "SBU. Special Operations of Victory".

"This was the first such sabotage work with the use of artillery forces. The successful, high-quality, sabotage work of the Security Service of Ukraine together with the artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is an example of the fact that together we are a force. It contributed to the defense of the Kyiv region. We repelled the enemy, and he was forced to retreat from the territory of Ukraine," the SSU Head Vasyl Maliuk stressed.

The headquarters housed the leadership of the Russian troops advancing on the Kyiv. The occupiers also stored a large amount of equipment, ammunition and fuel nearby. This logistics and management center became the target of the Security Service.

To hit the object, the SBU special forces quietly delivered artillery to the so-called gray zone, close to Russian positions. Heavy 152-mm guns were transferred on a sabotage raid in close proximity to the enemy.

"It was a daring operation. In fact, a few kilometers from the enemy, the guys were preparing positions for the work of our artillery," said the SBU Head.

Thanks to successful artillery work, the command post of the invaders was destroyed. The special operation was carried out by the SSU in cooperation with the 44th Artillery Brigade of the 'West' Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to Vasyl Maliuk, after this operation, the SSU Special Operations Center "A" and the 13th Main Directorate of Military Counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine, together with the Defense Forces, continued to contribute to the liberation of Kyiv region: they mined logistics arteries, blew up bridges and destroyed russian equipment and occupiers.

Vivid quotes from the movie "The Enemy's Lair. Liquidation"

"Hunter", Brigadier General, Military Intelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine:

"It was very important for us to stop the Russians, to prevent them from breaking through to Kyiv... The troops that advanced on the Kyiv they were controlled by generals, colonels, who had to be stationed somewhere. This place is called "rear control points".

Major General, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Maliuk:

"The rear command post is the point where the enemy's personnel, including managers, officers, were located, and at that time some of their logistical capabilities were accumulated. These are the TBKs that they used to replenish their troops, and these are the fuels and lubricants."


"The destruction of such a militarily fat target would make it possible to accurately stop the Russian offensive on the Kyiv and we began to hunt for them"

"Raccoon", Lieutenant Colonel, Military Intelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine:

"At the beginning of March, we learned from our intelligence sources that the transport company of Poliske (a village in the Kyiv region – ed.) A lot of trucks are coming and there is a concentration of the enemy.


"There is a lot of movement of helicopters guarding the convoys and escorting these vehicles. These are signs that these vehicles are used by Russian military officers. We have identified the place where these cars are constantly headed, where they stop, where they stay overnight. And it is clear that this may be the place where the rear control point is located. Analysis of satellite images showed that radio stations are deployed at this point, satellite communication systems of the Russians – these are things that indicate as markers that this may be the headquarters of the formation. I myself am a hunter with many years of experience, I needed to find the lair of these animals. We found this lair."

Vasyl Maliuk:

"This information was obtained several times, verified by agents, checked through technical capabilities, and we received an appropriate instruction to destroy this rear point"


"There were only two main roads on Kyiv. One road went through Chornobyl, the other through Poliske – Termakhivka, but they still converged in Ivankiv."


"The Poliske-Termakhivka highway was one of the two routes through which the Russians constantly supplied weapons and fuel to the Mozyr oil refinery from Belarus."


"Every day we saw convoys of 20-30-50 cars and they went at intervals of an hour or half an hour."


"I consulted with Vasyl Maliuk: we came up with the idea to cut this route and understand where they would then accumulate all their weapons and fuel and lubricants."


"I received an order from the Hunter to blow up the bridge in the village of Beaver. We have begun to form a combined detachment that will be able to bring explosives there... For three or four days we were looking for a place where we could walk through the forest and reach at least that bridge. We found a small stream, through which we brought 200 kilograms of TNT in boxes on ATVs. As a result of the blowing up of this bridge, the Russians could no longer supply their advancing troops in that number."

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video "The Enemy's Lair. Liquidation – SBU. Victory Special Operations. Film 3".

The 1+1 Production.Originals team, led by producer Akim Galimov, has been working on the project for more than six months.

As a reminder, in the first film of the series "SBU. Special Operations of Victory" reveals the details of the preparation of the SSU's operations to destroy the Crimean bridge. In the second, how snipers of the SSU Special Operations Center "A" fought for the "Road of Life" near Bakhmut in the spring of 2023.