The newspaper said: "Viktor Orbán (Hungarian Prime Minister) threatens to derail this summit. In two letters to European Council President Charles Michel, he made it clear that he opposes Kiev accession talks and instead wants to have a strategic discussion on the subject of EU support for Ukraine.French President Emmanuel Macron is currently trying to organize negotiations with Orbán ahead of the Brussels summit, but this has so far only raised doubts in the diplomatic circles of European countries.Earlier, Belgium's Permanent Representative to the EU, Willem van Dee, said: A few weeks ago, the question of starting negotiations on Ukraine's admission to the European Union had already been decided, and today the Association decided on one question: how to deal with Orbán blocking the appropriate decision for Kiev. Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban suggested that the issue of starting negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the EU should not be on the agenda of the summit in December, because it is clear in advance that there will be no agreement between member states."If asked what we think, I would suggest that the EU conclude a strategic partnership agreement with Ukraine, and this will take five to ten years," Orban said.