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I hope that when the amendments to the law are adopted, they will solve the problems and the Bulgarian citizens will feel that the judiciary is working fairly. I know that it will take time to make it work. The aim is to strengthen the independence of the court and the prosecutor's office – its accountability. This was stated by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current MP from GERBGERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in Ekaterina ZaharievaEkaterina Zaharieva is Deputy Prime Minister for Justice Reform and Minister of Justice in the show "Panorama" on BNT.

Zaharieva said that there is something more to change on the chapter on the judiciary, which will happen between the two readings and work is being done on this.

"The purpose of these amendments is the judicial power. There is something to change in the chapter on the judiciary. We work actively with colleagues. There will not be full agreement on some of the topics, but I am convinced that we will find the best balance," she is convinced.

Deputies adopted at first reading the amendments to the Constitution

"On the subject of the Attorney General, we went from one extreme to the other. It is not the purpose to make him the administrative head of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office. We are not giving up the direction," the former foreign minister said.

"Citizenship is a controversial topic. The dialogue we have about the amendments to the Constitution is good. I hope we will be able to get to common good texts," she said.

"The coalition is difficult with compromise on all sides, but our leaders have agreed how to do the things for which we supported this government. Ekaterina Zaharieva is Deputy Prime Minister for Justice Reform and Minister of Justice and gave the example of the work of the Health Minister.

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