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A signal of aggression and beating. A candidate for mayor of Berkovitsa beat a woman who was a member of a committee from his party. That's what the victim says.

According to the woman's story, everything happens a day after the first round of local elections.

"Milovan Zhan Pantaleev called me on the phone and began to insult me with obscene words, including "Slob, we will destroy you." He told me to go to his office, where he was full of people, "said Maya Sheinova.

Mayor of Tsalapitsa's mother-in-law claims she was beaten by his father

In the office was the candidate for mayor, Zoya Ivanova – municipal councilor, and another man. "They started pushing me, beating me and insulting me. They pushed me to the door and into the chairs," the victim said.

The woman filmed everything with her phone, but the recording was deleted by the mayoral candidate. The explanation for the aggression came a little later, in a telephone conversation: "He asked me why I did not vote for a municipal councilor from their party. He told me that when I cast the ballot, the paper had opened and they saw that I had voted for another councilor," Sheinova explained.

The victim filed a complaint with the police. A medical examiner was then found to have bruises on his hip and back.

The NOVA team sought Milovan Pantaleev, who explained that he would think and return a call to tell his version – but this did not happen. Against this background, the Montana prosecutor's office explained that the police materials in the case were handed over to the prosecution on Wednesday.

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