December 8, 2023 is Friday. 653rd day of the war in Ukraine.

What is the church holiday tomorrow, December 8

December 8 in the church calendar is the day of remembrance of the martyr Anfisa of Rome. The saint lived in Rome at the end of the IV – the beginning of the V century. Although the girl did not want this, she married a nobleman. At that time, Constantine the Great becomes emperor, so the persecution of Christians stops for a while. However, a false belief appears among believers — Arianism.

In 374 Ambrose of Mediolanum became bishop and Anfisa became his disciple. By all means, the adherents of the Arian heresy tried to turn Christians away from the true faith. But Anfisa did not give up. Because of this, she was captured and tortured to death one day.

What not to do on December 8

Folk signs and traditions for December 8

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day:

On December 8, to hear the chirping — there will be severe frost at night / Photo: Pexels

On this day, women must pray to St. Anfisa, who is considered their patroness, to receive the strength they need to pass all the trials that await them in life. Also, our ancestors believed that this day is favorable for starting any business.

Name day: how to name a child born on December 8

What are tomorrow's name days: Cyril, Victoria, Sergey, Anfisa.

The talisman of an individual born on December 8th is charoite. One of the rarest stones in the world. It has long been believed that if you look at charoite for a long time, you will feel calm.

Born on this day:

Memorable dates: December 8

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world on December 8:

Weather on December 8

Tomorrow, December 8, it will be cloudy in Kyiv, in the morning and in the afternoon there will be light snow, which will end in the evening. In Lviv it is cloudy in the morning, clear in the afternoon, but in the evening it is cloudy again, without precipitation. In Kharkiv it is cloudy, in the morning there is light snow, which will gradually intensify throughout the day. It is cloudy in Odesa, even before dawn light rain with snow will begin, but it will stop by mid-afternoon.

The air temperature in Kyiv is -2 during the day and -4 at night. In Lviv, it is -1 during the day and -4 at night. In Kharkiv, it is -3 during the day and -4 at night. In Odesa — +2 during the day and 0 at night.

What a day tomorrow is in Ukraine and the world

On December 8, Ukraine and the world celebrate the Day of the Time Traveler / Photo: Pexels

December 8 is celebrated in Ukraine and the world. If we translate the name of this unusual holiday from English literally, then it sounds like "A day on which you can pretend to be a time traveler." It appeared more than 20 years ago on the Web at the initiative of science fiction fans, who decided that this was a great opportunity to celebrate such an interesting event - to pretend to be time travelers.

Since ancient times, the idea of such travel has puzzled the human mind. This topic is often covered in a variety of science fiction works, filmed in films. Even scientists did not stand aside. Especially after Einstein's general theory was discovered. They began to work on creating a machine that would help you go to any corner of the world at the desired time.