Today we continue our consideration of tax laws. Next week, the adoption of the small book the big budget is expected. This was stated by Venko Sabrutev from PP-DB.


There is no way for the state budget to become a victim of a director of a hospital for which there is clear evidence that there are abuses. Can the future of all of us be hostage to the interests of one or another political party, "said the MP on the occasion of the Pirogov scandal.

The state budget is people's policies and quality of life, he commented.

Minister Hinkov: I stand behind my decision for "Pirogov", I do not fulfill a political order

"For the head of "Pirogov" there is a decision, there is an audit report, violations, we have a health minister. For me, this case does not exist."

He recalled that Radev also stopped the budget during the caretaker cabinets: "And you see where it is - a record low rating. That is, for no political party has had the benefits of stopping the budget."

I have only one remark to the Minister of Health that he audited only one hospital. Why not "Maichin Dom"? Why not make a comprehensive audit of the health system, asks the MP from "The Change".

Our relationship with GERB is difficult, complicated, sometimes impossible. We see great efforts on the part of the DPS to bring them into power. We know that for GERB DPS are like DB for PP - a natural partner. DPS does not participate in power - it is absurd to manage 1/3 of the regulators, he revealed.

PP-DB entered an unnatural non-coalition - we only want to implement our governing program, Sabrutev commented.

Peevski on the scandal around "Pirogov": This has to end VE-DNA-GA!

According to him, the parliament verifies corruption practices for half a billion. He commented that "Vazrazhdane" vote only on the signal of GERB, concluded Venko Sabrutev.

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