The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to impress. Ukraine has finally learned the name of its record-breaking hero. A sniper of the Security Service of Ukraine destroyed the enemy at the distance of a tank shot, which recorded his name in world history.

What is the name of the hero and how exactly he managed to destroy the occupier, journalist Artem Zyabkin told in an exclusive story for

What is known about the sniper

This adult man is Ukrainian Vyacheslav Kovalsky. He is 58 years old and a world-class sniper who managed to hit the enemy at a distance of 3.8 kilometers. A video of his amazingly accurate shot has been leaked online.

3.8 kilometers is just an extraordinary range. For clarity, let's give a non-trivial example. One of the main battle tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the T-72, with its 125-millimeter gun, shoots an average of 5 kilometers. That is why such a feat of the Ukrainian defender caused great surprise and interest in the Western media. Vyacheslav was contacted by journalists of The Wall Street Journal and he told amazing details of the day when he managed to break the world record.

Vyacheslav Kovalsky / X (Twitter)

X (Twitter)

According to the 58-year-old fighter, he fired a shot worth a million on October 18 in the Kherson region. As is customary for snipers, he worked in tandem with a spotter — that's what experts call a spotter.

Million Dollar Shot

He helped him find a target, calculate the distance with mathematical precision, and make an error in the wind. At first, they observed Russian soldiers chopping wood, but believed that they were too low a rank to be shot at. But then a group of other soldiers appeared, and Ukrainian special forces noticed that one of them was the officer who gave the orders. Vyacheslav passed his target for hours, until he received the "shot" signal. He held his breath and pulled the trigger.

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A second — and the life of the Russian invader was interrupted. I would also like to note that Vyacheslav fired from a Ukrainian design - the "Lord of the Horizon" rifle. So, thanks to our gunsmiths for the excellent development.

Vyacheslav Kovalsky / X (Twitter)

As journalists managed to find out, Vyacheslav himself is not a simple fighter, but a professional athlete-shooter with many years of experience. A former businessman, Kovalskyi has been demonstrating his incredible skills in the Armed Forces since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

Sniper tells how he made his record-breaking shot / X (Twitter)

Having shot almost 4 kilometers, Ukrainian sniper took the first place in the world top of snipers. It is worth noting that there is another shot on this list, also Ukrainian. Others in the top are Americans, British, and Canadians who have distinguished themselves in wars around the world.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link: UKRAINIAN SNIPER set a new WORLD RECORD in the war!