Ukrainian exporters are preparing to solve the problem of the blockade of the border by Polish carriers by transporting trucks across the Ukrainian-Polish border by trains.

This was announced in an interview with UNIAN by Vice-President of the Association of International Road Carriers Vladimir Balin.

"On December 4, the first train was supposed to depart, on the platforms of which there will be cargo. There are twenty-three such wagons in total, and they have to go from Ukraine to Poland, unload there and continue to travel on the ground. These are the so-called piggyback transportation," Balin said.

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According to him, a tractor with a semi-trailer will drive onto the platform and will go on the platform to Poland. Such a trip will cost the carrier an additional approximately 1600 euros.

"However, I think the carrier and the customer will be able to afford it so as not to waste time at the border. Moreover, they promise that in this way the car will be legally legal on the territory of Poland," added the vice-president of AsMAP.

To recap, Poland demands the abolition of the "transport visa-free regime" for Ukrainian carriers to lift the border blockade.