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Russian shelling has caused serious damage to a thermal power plant on Ukraine's front line, widening a shortage in electricity generation, Ukraine's energy ministry said on Tuesday.

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"As a result of the shelling, the equipment was seriously damaged. Two power units have stopped working," the ministry said on Facebook, with the name of the power plant and the region where it is located not named. Authorities have called on citizens and businesses to reduce electricity consumption amid ongoing Russian attacks.

Ukrenergo (Ukraine's power grid operator) has been forced to request emergency assistance from Europe. This is an extraordinary measure and it does not always lead to success," Prime Minister Denis Schmigal told Telegram.

Kiev: Russia has attacked Ukraine's energy supply more than 60 times as winter approaches.

Earlier today, Ukrenergo reported that due to the cold weather, electricity consumption increased by 2.7% above forecasts. She added that the deficit is currently offset by imports from Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

Kiev fears that Moscow will resume massive air attacks on energy infrastructure during the heating season. Last winter, Russia shelled Ukraine's energy system with hundreds of missiles and drones, causing it serious damage.

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