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The United States will oppose the creation of a buffer zone in the Gaza Strip, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said at a briefing on Wednesday.

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War between Israel and Hamas 1203

Washington said the five principles guiding the U.S. approach to resolving the post-war situation in Gaza do not include any reduction in the territory of the strip, forced displacement, reoccupation, siege or blockade, and the use of Gaza as a platform for terrorism.

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"If any proposed buffer zone were in the Gaza Strip, it would be a violation of that principle and we are against it. "If it's about anything on Israeli territory, I'm not going to talk about it that decision has to be made by the Israelis," Miller said.

Israel told several Arab states and Turkey last week that it had plans to create a buffer zone on the Palestinian side of the border with the Gaza Strip to prevent future attacks.

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The War Between Israel and Hamas

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