The Ministry of Agriculture started its traditional charity campaign under the motto "Christmas trees with a cause: Do good without pause!". This year, the cause of the campaign is related to the protection of forests.

Every year the Agriculture Ministry offers for purchase natural trees, some of which are in containers and are subject to subsequent planting, another part are cut down. In both cases, however, these are trees that are specially grown for this purpose in nurseries of state-owned forest enterprises.

Christmas workshop in NMMH

Today, the Minister of Agriculture Kiril Vatev will open the charity campaign, in which for every tree sold 10 new saplings will be planted in the forests, managed by the state forest enterprises.

Live trees will be sold in many places in the country, with experts warning that legally cut down Christmas trees must have a plastic control plate with a serial number. The transport ticket is the other mandatory document for which forest officials check traders.

The penalties for poachers and traders of illegally cut down trees are serious and according to the control authorities - the tendency is for violators to decrease.

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