The third stage of the police action "Winter" begins.

The activity of the Traffic Police teams is aimed at controlling the roadworthiness of the vehicles and their lighting systems.

It will be monitored whether the vehicles have passed an annual technical inspection and whether they have proper equipment - reflective vest, triangle and fire extinguisher, said Ch. Inspector Plamen Nikolov - Head of the Traffic Police Sector in Burgas. He reminded that fog lights are used only in reduced visibility.

The most common violations are related to the technical inspection and the non-use of a belt by the passengers in the rear seats, Nikolov said.

The fine for not passing a technical inspection is BGN 50. if the driver is the owner of the car and 20 leva. - if it is a user. For not wearing a belt, a fine is imposed on both the passenger and the driver - BGN 50.

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