Certificates for successful completion of "Intensive training for servicemen of the Special Forces groups" received today, December 7, soldiers, sergeants and officers who are assigned during the year to the combat units of the formations of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSO).

It was held from November 27 to December 7, 2023 in the area of the Specialized Training and Training Complex "Tsrancha" under the guidance of instructors from the Training Center for Training and Combat Support of SCSO, commanded by Major Petar Vlahov. The purpose of intensive training is to test the abilities of each fighter from the Special Forces groups, his motivation and endurance to all conditions, to work in a team under severe stress and to perform the tasks with great risk.

The newly recruited servicemen crossed over 120 kilometers in a heavily rugged mountainous-wooded area with a displacement of about 4,400 meters, all the while being in complete isolation and with 24-hour constant readiness to perform the tasks. The daily life of the fighters was further aggravated by the fatigue accumulated by lack of sleep and constant physical and mental stress. Of the thirty-six servicemen who started, 70% successfully completed the training.

Assessment "Boegotovo" received a formation of the Land Forces for participation in the Operational Reserve Forces of KFOR and "Altea"

The commander of the Training Center for Training and Combat Support of SCSO, Major Petar Vlahov, addressed the newly appointed servicemen with the words: "You have passed one of the most demanding preparations for operations conducted by the Special Forces, during which you proved that you have the will and physical qualities to serve in our ranks. The results achieved are not an end in themselves, but a necessary basis for your subsequent training. You have shown that it is worth investing in you, that you deserve to be trained in the next module, which will qualify you to perform the functional duties and tasks set in the missions of the Special Forces groups.

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