Law enforcement officers warn that animals can bask under the hood of warm cars in winter. Therefore, you should check the car before the road.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs showed a video showing a kitten stuck in a car.

"The furry traveler has traveled more than 200 km under the hood. It was found by patrol police. They stopped the driver to enlist him as a witness and heard a meow from under the hood of the car. This story has a happy ending. The cat got a new home, and the driver got a new roommate in his home," the police said.

But the ending could have been very different. Therefore, before starting the engine in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is advised to knock on the hood or open it, check and press the horn.

Cats' favorite places:

To recap, there was a shortage of electricity in the energy system of Ukraine due to an increase in consumption due to cold snaps. Ukrenergo urges to save.

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