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on December 7

"Studies show that this cruel trade is thriving, crossing state borders and breaking laws. Not only does the trade abuse animals using cruel breeding practices and create prerequisites to compromise puppies' health, but it also victimizes people. Although this report covers only four countries, we believe it is representative of the situation across Europe and the EU. We urgently call on legislators at EU and individual country level to create tougher laws to stop this trade," said Nick Weston, head of the organisation's international pet animal division.

"Unfortunately, Bulgaria is again at the top of a particularly negative ranking – the countries that breed, breed and export illegal dogs. Our case is curious because, unlike some of the other European countries, we have sufficiently well-written legislation."

FOUR PAWS: Cruel puppy trade starts from Bulgaria


The announcement of the regional administration today states that a public procurement for the restoration of bronze figures and bas-reliefs is forthcoming, as well as for the preparation of a project for their permanent relocation, according to the decision of the Sofia Municipal Council. The restoration will preserve the artistic value of the sculptures so that they can be displayed as exhibits in a place that will be identified after a thorough review of all possibilities.

Traycho Traykov: The figures of the Soviet Army Monument are to be dismantled


"Stand up, Bulgaria!" will appeal the order to remove the Monument to the Soviet Army


After violent disputes, the Defense Committee, which held an extraordinary meeting, supported Bulgaria's proposal to provide Ukrina with malfunctioning and needless anti-aircraft missile systems.

The draft decision was submitted today by Boyko Borisov, Delyan Peevski, Kiril Petkov, Atanas Atanasov and a group of MPs. It proposes Bulgaria to donate to Ukraine "faulty, with no need or supranormative portable anti-aircraft missile systems and anti-aircraft missiles of different types." The Minister of Defence will determine the surplus quantities in the course of the Strategic Review of Defence Policy.

Defense Committee Decides: We Are Giving Ukraine Malfunctioning Anti-Aircraft Missiles and Complexes


"Bulgaria should have an option to buy Lukoil first and this should be nailed legislatively. It is imperative that Bulgaria regains control over Lukoil. The Russians can't sell it without asking Bulgaria first."

Boyko Noev: The battle for Bulgaria is yet to come and Lukoil has a major role


The Court ruled on a case initiated at the request of MPs from the 48th National Assembly, "Continuing the Change" and "Democratic Bulgaria" on changes adopted in early December 2022.

The Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional texts in the Electoral Code


"In Bulgaria we have two large coordinate axes. One is the pro-Russian or pro-European direction for the development of the country, and the other - the tolerant or intolerant attitude towards corruption."

Prime Minister Acad. Nikolay Denkov: Tolerance of corruption is one of the dividing lines in Bulgaria


"Petkov and I decided that it makes no sense for two laws to fight in parliament and to give the opposition a chance to support one or the other and then not to talk again for three days.

That is why we have withdrawn both bills. We agreed on it and made an intermediate option. Thus, the concern of colleagues that something could happen with fuel prices in two months will disappear," Borissov explained.

"We will prepare a text that satisfies both sides. On Friday, we will bring him to parliament and protect him."

Borissov: We are introducing an interim version of the derogation that satisfies both sides


A Russian-based hacking group called Cold River is responsible for a large-scale information-gathering campaign that has killed people and political organisations, academics, defence officials, journalists and activists, citing a British intelligence agency.

London accuses Russia of attempting to interfere in British politics through cyberespionage


A Russian court has detained three lawyers of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny for another three months. The three lawyers have been accused of belonging to an extremist group, Reuters and TASS reported.

Russian court extends arrest of three Navalny lawyers


Bruce Willis' condition is critical, sources told US Weekly. They also revealed the measure taken by the actor's family, as "every day may be his last."

Bruce Willis' condition is critical.


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