The dossier is signed by the three partners of the joint venture BioCubaCaffé S.A.

BioCuba Caffe S.A., the first joint venture of the Cuban Agroforestry System, had its launch in the Hall of Mirrors of the Provincial Government of Santiago de Cuba, a place reserved for the great events of the territory, and which is very reminiscent of the ties between Cuba and Italy, as pointed out by Omar López, Curator of the City.

The company that is created also stands out because it introduces the production of certified organic coffee in the country and has a comprehensive proposal for the development of the community and its people.

Ana Teresita González, First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, pointed out that "the new entity has an innovative conception because it moves away from conventional coffee production, is committed to a clean product, and promotes its preservation and social responsibility. At the same time, it will promote good agricultural practices to improve crop yields and coffee quality."

The signature of the entity's dossier was in the hands of Mario Cerrutti, General Director of the Italian Lavazza Foundation, Matteo Saccani, General Director of Hecho en Italia and Tamara Arzuaga, President of the Mercantile Agroforestry S.A.

Robeldi Nicot, President of the Agroforestry Business Group, said that there was no better place to carry out this joint venture than the province of Santiago de Cuba because it is the benchmark for coffee production in the country, since it contributes 40 percent of the total volume of the bean extracted on the island.

Michele Curto assures that they will guarantee coffee for export and for national consumption, and that it will greatly stimulate producers.

Michele Curto, President of the Association of Cultural and Economic Exchange with Cuba, said that "for every kilogram of coffee that comes out, the same amount must be guaranteed for Cubans. Every time we are going to export coffee, we will have to make sure that there is coffee for Cubans. We will always keep the producers at the center."

Mario Cerutti, Director of the Lavazza Foundation, made the promise that in a few years they could have very good results for the Cuban coffee sector.

For his part, Manuel Falcón, Deputy Governor of the province, valued the will to contribute to the economic development of the territory as extraordinary.

The launch was presided over by José Ramón Monteagudo, member of the Central Committee of the Party and its First Secretary in Santiago de Cuba, Johana Odriozola and Mauri Hechavarria, Deputy Ministers of Economy and Planning and Agriculture, Marta Ayala, Director of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Antonio Carricarte, President of the Chamber of Commerce, as well as Isabel Brilhante, Ambassador of the European Union in Cuba. and Roberto Vellano, Ambassador of Italy to the island.

(Taken from Cuba in Summary)