The Government proposes to set up a "National Development and Achievement Museum" at the site of the Tsim Sha Tsui Science Museum, and the Science Museum should be relocated to the Sha Tin Heritage Museum, which is proposed to be a "killing museum". DAB Legislator Ngan Man-yu questioned the high cost of relocation and reconstruction, and the construction of a new science museum should be considered. He quoted the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung Kevin Hung as saying that he hoped that the new museum would be placed together with the Museum of History, which he also said was "killing the museum" due to unclear positioning.

DAB Councillors Lee Wai-king, Chen Yong, Ngan Boon Yu and others met with the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung Kev-hung today (7th) to learn about the Government's proposal to set up a new "National Development and Achievement Museum", relocate the Science Museum and "kill the museum" of cultural museums. (Photo provided by Ngan Man-yu)

DAB met with Yang Yunxiong to talk about the relocation of the Science Museum and the Cultural Museum

Last year, the Science Museum had over 110.45 million visitors, the highest number among museums, while the Cultural Museum proposed to "kill the museum" had 7,<> visitors. DAB today (<>th) met with the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Kevin Yeung, to learn more about the Government's plans to set up a dedicated museum and relocate other museums, in the presence of Legislative Council member Li Wai-king, who is also a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and a number of DAB members.

Many people are reluctant to give up the cultural museum Yan Wenyu: Why not build a new science museum?

Yan Wenyu, who participated in the meeting, said that the news that the Cultural Museum was facing a "killing museum" caused heated discussions in the society, and many citizens bluntly expressed their reluctance to accept the Cultural Museum. Ngan Boon Yu said that he was in favor of setting up a museum to introduce the country's development and achievements in an urban area with convenient transportation and location, but he believed that the government had no reason to close a museum, and that the cost of relocating, rebuilding and renovating the two existing museums would not necessarily be much lower than building a new museum, and questioned why the government did not consider building a new science museum.

Yang Yunxiong: The positioning of the cultural museum is not clear

He quoted Kevin Yeung as explaining that the Government wanted the National Centre for Development and Achievement to be co-located with the Museum of History, so it was necessary to relocate the Science Museum, which would be twice the size of the existing Tsim Sha Tsui site after using the current site of the Sha Tin Heritage Museum. Yeung also said that the positioning of cultural museums is not clear, and there are currently many culture-related museums in Hong Kong, and the existing collections will be scattered to other museums for relocation, including the pop culture museum that will be established later.

↓↓The original expansion plan of the Science Museum and the History Museum↓↓


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