Residents of the Malinova Dolina district of Sofia pass through muddy streets daily, and there is almost no asphalt. This is due to active construction.

"This has been going on since the new builds were built. For 10 months, block after block began to appear, and the streets broke beyond recognition and there is no flooring at all. The mud cannot be described, it passes every day several times, "said Elena Nikolova.

Geyser floods the capital's Vitosha district

She explained that an ambulance could not reach if necessary.

"Personally, I have submitted two signals to Sofia Municipality and to the Studentski district. The Sofia Municipality replied to me the next day that the signal had been transferred to the Studentski district. Everything stops in the area. We have no other communication," Nikolova added.

There is no street lighting in part of the neighborhood.

Sofia Municipality told bTV that the Sofia Inspectorate had come to the site to make inspections and imposed a fine on the contractors, to which the heavy machines were passed with uncleaned undercarriage.

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