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The municipal councilor Simeon Stavrev from the group of "Continuing the ChangeKiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev presented their political project "Continuing the Change" - Democratic Bulgaria"Democratic Bulgaria" is a centrist-right political union composed of" (Save Sofia) insists on obtaining data on the financial and technical condition of municipal transport companies.

In an official interpellation to "Sofia Autotransport" EAD, "Sofia Electrotransport" EAD and "Metropolitan" EAD, Stavrev requests the information so that the Sofia Municipal Council can make informed decisions about its municipal companies.

"I want information about the income, expenses, debts, staff, salaries, number/type/condition of vehicles and other assets of Sofia Autotransport EAD and Sofia Electrotransport, and Metropolitan EAD, which provide public transport in Sofia," Stavrev writes. He adds that the three companies are among the largest and most important for the Bulgarian capital, and Metropolitan EAD is second in assets after Toplofikatsia Sofia EAD.

DB: Who is the majority owner of the ticket business in Sofia for 97 mln. Lv.?

"Sofia Autotransport" EAD and "Sofia Electrotransport" EAD provide public transport in Sofia with buses, trolleybuses, trams and electric buses. "Metropolitan" EAD provides the three metro lines. Another company of Sofia Municipality issues and sells mainly the transport documents - Urban Mobility Center EAD. At the same time, it is difficult to understand exactly what kind of rolling stock they have, what their financial situation is compared to the pre-crisis 2019, what debts and staff they have," Stavrev said.

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