Residents of the Sozopol neighborhood "Budjaka" are ready to block the main road to Burgas because of an excavated street. The reason is that archaeological excavations are being carried out on the site.

Those living on the street. "South" for the fourth day they can not reach their homes or leave them.

"My wife has an operation and has to go for a check-up in Burgas. How is this gonna happen? I have to call the mayor to come by plane to pick her up and take her there," says Georgi Georgiev.

There are no signs anywhere in the area that excavation work is being carried out.

Cleaning several beaches in Sozopol

Construction has begun in a private property, which also includes the construction of an external water supply connection. But the place falls within the area of the monument "Ancient Necropolis of Apollonia" and therefore it is required to carry out mandatory archaeological observation of the area.

"This position, in which the water pipeline is being built, is located between two monuments – the Mound Necropolis in the area of Budjaka and the necropolis in the area of Sulinaria. The whole route is divided into two sections where archaeological observation is required. At this stage, the activities are suspended," explained Dimitar Nedev, director of the Archaeological Museum in Sozopol.

People have filed complaints in the Municipality of Sozopol. The builder was given three days to restore the road. If it is not respected, the municipality is committed in some way to provide people with access to the main road.
Until then, the residents of the street. "South" will only move on foot with rubber boots.

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