Puzzle tests often cause people to be perplexed, it turns out that we perceive objects incorrectly. We see what we don't have and we don't notice the rather obvious things that are on the surface. By solving such tests, we train our brain, as we break stereotypes of perception, learn to look and see differently. In addition, it is a fun way of entertainment that helps you relax and distract yourself from everyday activities.

Find a car in a snowy forest

Look carefully at the picture of adults with children, most likely their parents collecting sap from trees. The task is to find an image of a car in this snowy forest. According to the authors of the test, if you manage to do it in 11 seconds, you will join the 1% of smart people who were able to do it.

Test Puzzle

The trick of this puzzle test is that when we do the installation "find a car in a snowy forest", the brain takes it literally and begins to look for a vehicle among the trees. In fact, there is no car in the forest, among the trees, there is an image of it on the bark of one of the trees. But most people's brains are set up to take everything literally, so few people are looking for an image of a typewriter.

We hope you were able to cope with this difficult task. Where the machine is hidden can be seen in the picture

Test Response