Nova Poshta urges Ukrainians not to believe scammers who spread information about promotions and giveaways in Telegram channels in exchange for registration.

The company published a corresponding statement on the NP website.

"In various telegram and Viber channels, as well as on social networks, a large number of announcements about various giveaways are spreading, where scammers use the names of well-known companies. In this way, they collect all the information about the people who believed in these pranks. Today there was information about another fraudulent holiday draw. This time about Christmas trees, allegedly from Nova Poshta and a well-known beverage manufacturer, it was distributed in a number of Telegram publics," the press service of the NP reported.

The company emphasizes that Nova Poshta has nothing to do with this announcement.

"All Telegram publics that disseminate this information help scammers deceive people. Unfortunately, most Telegram channels today are anonymized, they deliberately use the mention of the company as clickbait in advertising, for which they take money, and thereby mislead their subscribers," the NP noted.

Nova Poshta urges all Ukrainians to be careful and not to spread unverified information.

To recap, Nova Poshta has made one of its services free.

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