The thesis of dismantling the Soviet Army Monument in order to make a restoration is a prelude to its removal. This is what provokes the reaction of people to protect it. The state should take care of its monuments, not remove them. This was stated by Nikola Vaptsarov from "Stand up, Bulgaria" in the show "More from the day" on BNT.

"Dismantling is always overdue. The fence around the monument is the Bulgarian Berlin Wall. These are tens of tons on top of this obelisk, seriously compromised, which threaten passers-by. We do not know under the influence of winter processes what is the potential risk for children playing around it, "said blogger Asen Genov.

Because of Lukoil, the card against Russia is now being drawn again. The monuments should be preserved because they allow there to be discussion and memory, Vaptsarov stressed.

Traycho Traykov: The figures of the Soviet Army Monument are to be dismantled

Genov replied that the relocation of the sculptural compositions should not be such a problem, as they will be preserved.

"We are trying to impose a parallel, but without the Red Army and their feat, we would be under the boot of Nazi Germany and not have this pluralism now. The idea is to remove the monument from public view and sink into oblivion. Let Mayor Terziev make a local referendum on this topic and once and for all the society to lay down, "urged Nikola Vaptsarov.

According to Asen Genov, public will is needed. "We have a prescription and this expertise is unambiguous. We've all seen the cracking in the sculpture. She's dangerous. Bulgaria does not declare war on the Soviet Union, Bulgaria seeks its neutrality," he said.

"We can honor the efforts of the Red Army and the sacrifices of the people who went to a meat grinder so that there is no fascism," his opponent said.

"Bulgaria does not need such propaganda symbols," Genov said.

"On the site of the Monument to the Soviet Army, a garden can be reclaimed and a garden can be built where the citizens of Sofia can walk," he said.

"I want to call on the Council of Ministers to return the status of public state property to the garden, because it is currently shattered and to hold a referendum on the topic," Nikola Vaptsarov concluded.

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