The newspaper quoted Israeli intelligence officers as saying that "Hamas has spent more than a year planning its historic attack on Israel, after combat plans based on open source materials and high-level intelligence."

"Hamas operatives entered Israel with detailed combat plans that include maps of the internal structures of military bases and civilian cities, extensive lists of weapons and equipment used by each army unit, and checklists of the killing and capture of men, women and children," he said.

"Hamas officials have provided Israel with intelligence on Islamic Jihad, to reinforce the impression that they are interested in cooperating" with Israel, he said.

For many years, Hamas, in its public statements and private diplomacy, has claimed that it is more interested in building Gaza economically than in renewing the conflict with Israel.

"Hamas largely refrained from firing rockets into Israel after 2021. In May, it remained on the sidelines while Islamic Jihad engaged in a short-term conflict with Israel.

Another Israeli security officer confirmed to the newspaper that IDF intelligence had gathered evidence of plans for a large-scale Hamas attack "more than a year ago."

He said the army "issued an internal warning in April about the infiltration of Hamas militants to target nearby kibbutzim" from the Gaza Strip, citing "concrete evidence" that the operation was likely to involve hundreds of militants.

The security officer said that in August, weeks before the attack, new intelligence indicated an "imminent attack," adding: "The IDF has increased its readiness and thought it had stopped the attack. They now see that it was part of Hamas's deception."