Cairo - Sputnik. These media quoted the British Minister of Defense, Grant Shaps, that "the Palestinian Authority must assume responsibility (in the Gaza Strip) after the war."The minister added, in statements to the newspaper that "the British support team has been on the ground in Ramallah for more than ten years."According to the newspaper "The Times", the British support mission is relatively small and works in coordination with America and Canada.The British government announced on Thursday that Shapps will visit Israel and the West Bank this week to meet with officials from both sides, to discuss strengthening The British government said, in a statement on its website, that "Secretary of Defense Grant Shapps will seek to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians faster, including by sea directly to Gaza, when he visits the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel this week." "We have deployed an additional 1000,1 troops to the Middle East, and our forces are there to support humanitarian aid efforts and help stabilize the region." Shapps will meet with Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant "to discuss the current security situation and the next steps for Israel".The renewed fighting between Hamas and Israel, since the morning of Friday, December 7, after the end of the truce reached by the two parties mediated by Qatar and Egypt and the United States and extended in total, for 7 days, during which prisoners of women and children were exchanged and agreed quantities of aid were brought into the Gaza Strip. Thousands of rockets from the Gaza Strip attacked Israel, and its forces stormed Israeli towns adjacent to the Gaza Strip, killing about 1400,250 Israelis, in addition to capturing about <> others.