Bhog for Shree Krishna: Lord Krishna will be pleased with the enjoyment of these things.


  • The month of Margashirsha is dedicated to Lord Krishna.
  • Enjoying these things is auspicious.
  • God will be very happy.

Ankit Shwetabh: Every year in the month of November or December, the month of Margashirsha begins. According to Hindu scriptures, this month is dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna. People have their own beliefs about the month of Margashirsha. This year, the month has started on 28 November 2023, which will end on 26 December 2023. During this time, devotees will worship Lord Krishna to please him. It is believed that by offering food to God at this time, he is very happy and fulfills all the wishes. Let us suggest some things for you to indulgence.

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Margashirsha Month 2023 Bhog

A kind of powdered sweetmeat made from flour

Lord Krishna loves coriander Panjiri. In astrology, coriander is considered a symbol of wealth. Therefore, if you are going through a financial crisis, then during the month of Margashirsha, offer coriander panjiri to Shri Krishna.


Makhan Mishri is most loved by Shri Krishna. This makes them the quickest happy. In the month of Margashirsha, if you offer them makhan-mishri, then they will be very happy and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

sacred mixture of milk

In Hinduism, the bhog of Panchamrita is considered auspicious in any puja. The worship of Shri Krishna is considered incomplete without it. Therefore, definitely include panchamrit in the bhog. Enjoying Panchamrita in this month can end all the difficulties in your life.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information.