The Ukrainian Defence Intelligence did not confirm or deny the existence of lists of persons who cooperated with Moscow and who are monitored by Ukrainian special services on the territory of the Russian Federation. By the way, the alleged existence of these lists was stated by the former member of the Party of Regions Oleg Tsarev.

The statement of the traitor-deputy was commented on on the air of Radio Liberty by the representative of Ukrainian intelligence Andriy Yusov.

According to him, Ukrainian law enforcement officers are investigating the actions of those suspected of treason and cooperation with the aggressor country.

"We can start with Tsarev's comment, who said in detail that first the list is formed by the Main Intelligence Directorate, then it is verified by the SBU, and then signed personally by Zelensky. This is how Russian propaganda sees it. We will not confirm or deny this. Ukrainian law enforcement officers are working on proceedings against war criminals and state traitors. This is the list," Yusov stressed.

The intelligence representative notes that this applies not only to citizens of Ukraine against whom there are suspicions of crimes. We are talking about both Russian occupiers-invaders and state traitors.

"A fair punishment, one way or another, will find these people. It is in their interests that this happens within Ukraine, within the framework of Ukrainian justice," he stressed.

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As reported, after the liquidation of Kiva, the traitor Oleg Tsarev threw a tantrum, because he fears for his skin. He said that he had strengthened his security after the assassination attempt and admitted that the Ukrainian special services were working effectively.

Recall that on the evening of December 6, the traitor Ilya Kyva was liquidated. His roommate told Russian media that he was killed while he was hiding in the woods. Two shots were enough.

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