The last two rounds of the African Champions League mathematically paint a picture of the difficulty of the Lions' and Yanga's path to the quarter-finals.

Both paths look tough with mountains, rivers, valleys and thorns, with the Lions looking heavier due to their quality and the quality of its opponents in its group.

In the Yanga group, it is clear that National Al Ahly will be the group's leader, perhaps not losing a single mechu. So far, only Al Ahly has managed to take a point away from the match against Yanga. Medeama and Belouzdad each died away and won at home.

So with the current situation and with the quality of the teams in the group, there are strong indications that Al Ahly will not lose a single game in their group. They are a team that will either go away with one or all three points away from home and no one can beat them at home.

As a result, Al Ahly will lead his group as he will win all the home games and take at least one or both points away.

The second place is contested by all three teams, Yanga Belouzdad and Medeama but the biggest place is for Belouzdad or Yanga.


The Lion's group is stunned and unpredictable. Given the standards shown in the group, the Lions have a difficult task of beating ASEC and Wydad away as if he wins two home games against Wydad and Jwaneng Galaxy and loses both away games he will be only 8 points.

So in order to cross the eight points he must ensure that in addition to winning home games, he picks up at least one point away against Wydad and ASEC. It's not that small a job! If he picks one away and wins all at home he will get 10 points, Wydad if he doesn't get the team to go to the Lions and ASEC.

In the worst case scenario, he will go to ASEC and Waydad but in the fouvarable case scenario he will go to ASEC and Simba. The Jwaneng will only stay with their mahirikhiri in Botswana.

Yanga can take one point away from Medeama and all six points at home against Medeama again and Belouzdad. Ahly Yanga struggling to get one point but most likely he will die in front of Ahly.


Third round Yanga taking one point to Medeama and then Belouzdad dying for Ahly away from the group...

1. Al Ahly (7)

2. Madeama (4)

3. CR Belouzdad (3)

4. In Africa (2)

The fourth round will be at Benjamini in Dar es Salaam and Medeama and Ahly will be away to Belouzdad.

The most likely outcome is the Yankees leaving with victory and Belouzdad holding the pipe until the end and drawing with Ahly. So the group will be...

1. Al Ahly (8)

2. In Africa (5)

3. CR Belouzdad (4)

4. Madeama (4)

The fifth round of Yanga welcomes Belouzdad to Benjamin Wajir Stadium in Dar es Salaam. Revenge is right. Medeama must die with his power. In Ghana Medeama must die for Ahly because if Yanga have taken three as we saw above, how does Ahly miss them now for example! He may have suffered from a snoring of energy. The group will be...

1. Al Ahly (11)

2. In Africa (8)

3. CR Belouzdad (4)

4. Madeama (4)

The final round even if he dies for Al Ahly away and Belouzdad knocks Medeama home it will still not change the position. The group will end...

1. Al Ahly (14)

2. In Africa (8)

3. CR Belouzdad (7)

4. Madeama (4)

From that analysis, if Yanga only stunned and then tied the match with Medeama, the activity will have ended there because beating Ahly at home is even unthinkable.

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