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The decision on Schengen is unfair, we have fulfilled the conditions back in 2011. The policy of conviction must be strengthened, and all resources in Sofia and abroad should be mobilized in the name of this goal. This was stated by MEP Ilhan KyuchyukIlhan Kyuchyuk was born on September 16, 1985 in Plovdiv. Sevlievo. At the European elections in May 2014 it was on the air of BNT.

"There is an attempt to read the lessons of the last elections in the Netherlands. The use of populist solutions for me were used in a simple way to explain why Bulgaria should not be part of the Schengen area. There is a better understanding of what needs to be done, but the political situation there continues to be very complicated," he explained.

Kiril Petkov from Brussels: The obstacles to Schengen entry for Bulgaria and Romania will strengthen Russia's influence in the region

He was adamant that they used everything in their arsenal both domestically and nationally.

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Ilhan Kyuchyuk

Bulgaria in Schengen